Venture down into Grimcurse, a fast paced gallery-shooter top-down rpg hybrid. Manage your resources while you wander around the cryptic jungle with questions no one wants to know.

Prototype made for a future project.


ESC - Skip the intro.
W A S D - Arrow keys to move.
Space - Take cover.
K - Open up inventory.
1-5 Number keys(and kinda mouse wheel) - Switch weapons.

A note from the devs

Hello guys, Lonely Moon Games team here. We wanted to point out some stuff regards the "polished" jam version: 

Mostly, the stuff that we added are just "quick fixes" to the build:
- Gamebreaking Bug on Final boss  /Sound  overlapping fixes
- Some balancing in numbers (literally, just couple numbers.)
- Shortened intro screen and made it skippable. 

So we really encourage you to try out this build better as it just have some quick fixes and we actually pushed them around the same or 1 day after the deadline. 
The web version is indeed also the polished version.

Thank you and kind regards.


Programming: @Oultrox  
Art/Additional SFX Mixing - @veryeviltomato
SFX Mixing/Writting - @mafeltrer
Music: andresecam
SFX: freesound.org (List of credits https://pastebin.com/Szd1DMLq)

Github project:

Updated 2 days ago
Published 14 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
AuthorsOultrox, Telepinu, Evil Tomato
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withConstruct, Pyxel Edit
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Pixel Art, Top-Down, Top Down Adventure


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GRIMCURSE Win32 Jam version 44 MB
GRIMCURSE Polished Jam Win32 version 46 MB
GRIMCURSE Polished Jam OSX64 Version 75 MB


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This is a lot of fun! It felt a little slow at first, but it picks up and can get plenty intense past the first small area. Love the overall design of the game. The mix of guns provides a nice variety for play styles and enemy types. 

I'm really excited to see where this goes in the future. Hopefully more enemy types and maybe even battle screen layouts(Mobile enemies with shields, ones that work in pairs, etc.)

Any chance of a downloadable Linux version?

Thank you! I could try, but I can't test it, so let me know when you're around and I'll upload it 

I'd be happy to help. I'll be checking the site just about everyday since I'm new here and still looking for new stuff to play.

Is there more content after the boss? 

I wasn't sure if I could go down the ladder-hole or not.

Nope that's all! There's a last message thanking you for playing hehehe

Aww, that's too bad! It was a lot of fun!

Great work!

Thank you Mox! :) I'm glad you liked it.

if i want it to read, better grab a book, not a game... I dont wanna play your game, becouse t takes like 5 hours, to the text to pass...so, now i pass

Sorry, I thought I wrote on the description you can actually skip the intro ny pressing ESC. I'm sorry that you found the game's not for you!


o man, im sorry, i really dont read the description very often, i first see how the game is, like, gameplay, mechanics and all of that.
Sorry about that. You should add a text on the top that said "Press ESC to SKIP", ill try your game again now. 

Dw, we made it even bigger for now until the jam stuff ends and we can polish more this version hehe.


It's Very good from what I've experienced.


Thank you!


Amazing, Great Job


I'm glad you liked it! 


Friggin awesome.

Can't wait to see the final project!


Thanks a lot dude!